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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Free Ebook for you to give AWAY

This is not one of the same ebooks that everyone and their mothers are giving away. This is an original. This was inspired by my ebook, and a way for you too get some knowledge, and give something away to your list.

Something fresh that is.

I will be writing fresh mini ebooks each month for you to give away.

So download your copy today and start giving your customers something new.

Here is the download link.

Hope you enjoy it, and if there is a top you feel you want to know about or that your customer's would like to know. Then just post it up here, and I will get working on it.

I want you all to know I am here for you.

Also, I have created a forum, it's brand new so start posting and get it the answers that you want. I know that when there are not many post, it seems pointless, but it's got to start somewhere, right?

So ask your questions. http://www.123onlinebusiness.com/forum

Friday, August 04, 2006

Installing Semi logic Pro Theme to Wordpress

Here is a sample video from my new book. Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Offical Blog Site is Now Up

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with minor details to
finish this product. Didn't realize how much work I actually had left to do.

But I now have the Official Blog for prelaunch up. This site will give you all the
details of the progress, show you sample video's and announce the actual launch date.

So check it out and sign up to be the first to know of the release date. If you are
on the list you will be sent an email the day before launch to be the first to buy, as I will only be selling a limited number of this course for a huge reduced price.

So here is the link: http://123onlinebusiness.com/blog

Suzanne Lamoutte

Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Getting There

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while, there's been alot going on.

As you all know I have posted up a sneak preview of some of the video's that are in the ebook course. If you haven't checked it out yet here's the address for that: http://www.123onlinebusiness.com.

Everything is going very smoothly right now, and I will be releasing the launch date in the next few weeks. So check back often.

I will have a pre-launch special so don't forget to sign up for that. Who doesn't want to save money.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Reason Why

Hello Everyone,

I need to clarify a few things.

I wrote this book with my mother in mind, who basically knows how to turn on the computer and check her email. She can print out picture's of all her grandchildren too.... of course that is her main priority for the computer.

But this book is full of resources and stuffed with everything that you need to start your business and get the exposure that will increase your pockets.

3 Main Reasons Most People Don't Start Thier Own Online Business

Reason #1: Don't know what to sell!

Reason #2: Don't believe they have enough money and fear losing what they have.

Reason #3: Have no idea about anything pertaining to online, even if you do have business sense.

While all of these reason's are valid and most of them kept me from starting something online for a long time. I dibbled and dabble, but I was afraid to lose the small amount of money that I had.

So I taught myself web design, I taught myself to write salesletters and I taught myself how to drive traffic to my site.

All of that saved me literally thousands of dollars. A website alone can run you on the low end $500 for a basic nothing site and up to $7,000 for something you would ultimitly want.

But now I was able to get rid of all those expenses and had to only pay for hosting (which is fairly cheap, even if paid yearly), domain names and the rest was my time.

Yes, I eventually bought products that would make my life simple but that wasn't until I was making money. Hey why the hell wouldn't you, right.

I will cut this long post down. It's not impossible for you to start a business online, if you have the desire and the ambition to do so.

Check out: www.123onlinebusiness.com and take a sneak peak at what you will learn from my course.


PS- Hopefully in the next week or so I will release the prelaunch date, so get on the list so you know before everyone else.

PSS- The bonuses that I have put together have Never Been Seen Before ANYWHERE on the internet, but they will only be up there for a short time. So don't miss out on them.

It's Finally Here

Hello Everyone,

This post has to be one of the most exciting post yet for me.

I have finally finished the sneak preview. I am so excited!

Check it out, I know you will be as excited as I am.

Here's the link: www.123onlinebusiness.com

Make sure you check this blog often for more updates. The release date will soon be posted.